CV & Drive Axle



Your car’s CV joints are a collection of bearings and cages that are protected by the CV boot. CV boots are protective rubber or plastic components that also cover the CV axle. Regular inspections of the boot will ensure it is sealed so no dirt or grime gets in to wear down your joints, which will provide you with a smoother ride. The rubber boots degrade over time and can crack or tear open, which will expose the joint itself. Inspecting the boots will let you know right away if you have a problem, so you can replace them before damage is done to the more expensive CV joint.



If identified early, boot replacement can save you money, but it is still a labor-intensive operation. For joints that have gone an extended period without lubricant, you will likely need to replace the entire axle. In some vehicles, the CV joint cannot simply be replaced – the entire half-shaft will need to be replaced.

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