Belts and Hose Inspection

Did you know that sooner or later your car’s engine accessory drive belts, timing belts, and coolant hoses will dry out and crack?


Belts and hoses are the kind of parts that are constantly exposed to heat, vibration, and harmful chemicals. So it’s no wonder that they crack, peel, wear out and leak. Over time, serpentine belts and radiator hoses require replacement, because they lose their ability to properly expand and contract. This is why belts and hoses must be inspected regularly.



Belts and hoses inspection is an important car maintenance service. The timing belt maintains the precise synchronization required to keep the engine’s valves and pistons moving in sync. Hoses and steel lines transfer coolant, brake fluid, and fuel throughout the vehicle. They won’t be able to do function properly if they are worn and cracked.




Regular belt and hose inspections from Huff’s automotive will help protect your vehicle against roadside breakdowns and expensive repairs. Each time your oil is changed, it is important to inspect your drive belts and hoses and have them replaced as needed. Even the smallest crack can lead to bigger problems if left unnoticed.

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